UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Hill: Fight Out vs Chat GPT PICKS!

Jack Hughes
April 18, 2023

You read it right, we tricked the non-bias and famously objective CHATGPT to make some picks! Who’s going to win?!

CHATGPT: Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill: In this matchup, I predict that Angela Hill will secure the win by decision. Her ability to maintain distance, land significant strikes, and defend against takedowns will likely outclass Dern's grappling skills.

Fight Out: Disagree. I think Dern will most likely win via submission. Though Hill has so much experience, I think Dern is an absolute outlier on the ground and will win via submission in the second round! 

Edmen Shahbazyan vs Anthony Hernandez: For this fight, my prediction is that Anthony Hernandez will come out victorious. He has the potential to capitalize on Shahbazyan's vulnerabilities and secure a well-earned victory.

Fight Out: Disagree. Edmen Shahbazyan has a lot to prove and for a while was absolutely the one to watch in this sport. I think he wins by TKO! Impressively as well, come on Edmen!!

Emily Ducote vs Lupita Godinez: In this bout, I predict that Lupita Godinez will secure the win. Godinez has displayed great versatility in both striking and grappling, and her aggressive fighting style often puts her opponents on the defensive. 

Fight Out: Agree: Can’t say I know the fighters too well but this seems to make sense. I think aggression in this instance, though a very basic quality to rank someone on…actually makes sense? AI you crazy. Ducote by decision.

Andre Fialho vs Joaquin Buckley: My prediction for this fight is that Joaquin Buckley will emerge as the winner. Buckley's dynamic striking, knockout power, and ability to deliver highlight-reel finishes make him a formidable opponent. 

Fight Out: Agree: Joaquin Buckley is an exceptional striker and I don’t think Fialho can hang in there. I think KO R2.

Diego Ferreira vs Michael Johnson: Based on my analysis, I predict that Diego Ferreira will secure a win in this fight. His ability to seamlessly transition between different aspects of the fight and control the pace will likely lead to a victory over Johnson.

Fight Out: Disagree: Johnson is an OG and you should be ashamed of yourself CHATGPT. Though your prediction does make sense, I think MJ smashes Ferreira. TKO Round 1.

Jack Hughes
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